Customer Journey Map for Marketplace

Enhance sellers' and buyers' experiences to maximize revenue

Customer experience is an indisputably important factor when it comes to online marketplace. Good customer experience can be the greatest sales asset you have, encouraging loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations. With two audiences to attract and keep, this may be your secret advantage over competitors. CXMap helps marketers drive data-based customer journeys improvement. The tool combines journey analytics with journey mapping to provide marketers with the full picture of customers behavior.

Check the template below that outlines a typical online marketplace customer journey. Customize it to get ideas on how to improve sellers’ and buyers’ experiences to grow liquidity and gross merchandise volume.

Get insights into:

  • What is the most efficient channel for sellers acquisition?
  • How many sellers create listings?
  • How many user sellers pay for subscription?
  • Should you better optimize the website for search engines?
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