Customer Journey Map for Healthcare

Increase sales conversion rate and win more patients

Customer experience is a core to healthcare providers’ marketing, and real-time behavior analytics drives better experience. This is the tool that helps you to define parts of your patients’ journey which should be fixed, track improvements, and significantly increase business metrics. The tricky thing is to gather all the data in one place to get a full picture. This is why we built CXMap that combines end-to-end analytics and intuitive customer journey mapping.

Check the template below to see a typical customer journey in healthcare. Customize it to get new ideas on how to acquire more patients and improve their journeys.

Please note that the numbers are given for reference only.

Get insights into:

  • How many website visitors do you convert into customers?
  • What pages do they check before fixing an appointment?
  • Where are you losing potential customers?
  • How good are you engaging donors?
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