Concierge Service

Hire CXMap Growth Marketing Team to enhance customer success

If you do not have enough resources for analytics and growth marketing, rely on our specialists. The experts will setup your CXMap account, create journey maps, and conduct marketing experiments to find the most perspective touch points with the customers. Strengthen your marketing with an outsource analytics department proficient in customer experience improvement.

All-inclusive Customer Experience Analytics
CX Visualization through online and offline channels
Recommendations on how to better engage audiences
Ongoing growth experiments and regular business insights
Proposals on CX improvement that will grow sales
Actionable Data Reports
We will send you a comprehensive report on customers' behavior and growth opportunities every week.
Get an Outsource Analytical Team Starting at $1,500 /month
Benefit from customer experience enhancement and discover growth opportunities with no efforts.
Concierge Service FAQ's
What is concierge service?
The concierge service is a fully outsourced team of professionals that is ready to work on reaching your goals. Just brief us and get detailed weekly reports and recommendations.
How do I start?
Just fill out the form provided on the concierge page and one of our managers will contact you for more details. We will thoroughly discuss your business goals and challenges before start.
What will I get?
CXMap experts will take care of the account and provide you with the data needed for sales acceleration. You will take advantage of having by your side an analytical team with the years of experience in marketing, conversion optimization, CX and UX enhancement.
How much does it cost?
The pricing depends on your very specific business needs and level of involvement. Based on how many touch points with the customers you have and how many experiments you are willing to run, the price will adjust, starting from as low as $1,500 per month.