Increase Website Conversions – Tips & Tools

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tips and Tools

It’s logical to think that driving more site-traffic will increase website conversions.

And who doesn’t want to attract more prospects to their website?

Probably everyone reading (and writing) this.

But even if you increase site-traffic, are you assured it will result in greater website conversion rates or larger baskets?

No, of course not.

In fact, increasing site traffic commonly results in lower conversion rates, and for a number of different reasons, such as traffic quality.

But let’s pretend that we chose between increasing site traffic or increasing conversion rates. And we’ll even pretend that the quality of site traffic was equal.

For example…

The following image demonstrates how the profits generated by 20,000 additional site visitors compared to an increase of 0.3% in conversion rate.

increase website conversions

Yes, it’s easy to manipulate those numbers to make an argument one way or another.

But consider this…

What’s more time-consuming, and what requires more resources (money)?

Increasing site traffic by 20% would require a significant event or ad spend, most likely.

Whereas a 0.3% conversion rate increase could happen simply by changing the headline of your homepage.

Increasing site traffic isn’t enough

You want to make sure you’re not “wasting” increases in traffic either.

Wouldn’t it make sense to work on optimizing your conversion rate before allocating lots of resources to increase site traffic?

Many would argue, yes.

Those of us involved in digital marketing have come to learn that humans are an interesting lot.

You can take some of them right up to the point of conversion and somehow lose them into the digital abyss.

What may be even worse is that some don’t even realize they lost them at all or lost them so close to conversion.

So how can you both widen the net and tighten the holes to capture more conversions?

Here are some digital marketing tips and tools which will increase website conversions…


Use Landing Pages

There may be no place like home, Dorothy.

Except, of course, when we’re talking about your website.

So instead of sending visitors to your homepage and through a maze of menus and buttons, create landing pages that can more directly and simply take visitors through the buying process.

Stay focused on your message and make sure you tell visitors exactly what it is that you want them to do.

Furthermore, consider where that traffic is coming from.

For example, let’s say you have an active Google Ad that highlights a certain feature or offer of your product or service.

Here’s a perfect example of a Google Ad where there’s an offer for getting 25% off suits.

People want to find exactly what they’re expecting to find when clicking on something.

So give that to them!

Seems obvious, right?

But the majority of companies send almost all of their traffic to their homepage, which is a mistake.

Instead, you should send traffic to the most relevant landing page on your site, or use a tool like Unbounce, ClickFunnels, or Instapage to create a landing page quickly, with no coding skills required.

So again, do not send all of your traffic to your homepage.

As a result, you’ll increase website conversions, and be rewarded by Google Search’s algorithm.

Additionally, use a strong call to action (CTA) that is appropriate for your goal.

Selling? Use straightforward words like “buy”, “order” or “shop.”

Building subscriber lists? Use words like “join”, “sign-up” or “subscribe.”

Capturing leads from a lead magnet? Use CTA’s like “Find out more”, “Download now” or “Learn more.”

Provide Multiple Payment Options

If you want to maximize conversions, offer many different payment options.

From the screenshot below, you’ll see how this company allows users to pay with several credit cards, PayPal, or a coupon.

Imagine guiding a prospective customer through the entire buying process.

You’ve got them interested and even excited.

You’ve brought them to the ordering page and to the “Buy Now” button, only to not offer a payment option that is suitable for them?

In fact, this infographic shows how this happens more often than not.

67% of shopping carts are abandoned right before the purchase is completed.

Sure, more options may take a little more effort and may even be a bit more expensive, but your goal is to increase website conversions, not to save time.

And again, this may sound obvious, but there are websites that offer only one payment method.

However, 56% of respondents expect a variety of payment options on the checkout page.

Offer a Guarantee

Even the largest retailers have realized there is little downside to guaranteeing their product and services.

You can improve conversions by making your prospects feel comfortable in their purchase.

And one of the best ways to do that is through a guarantee.

increase website conversions

Any guarantee should be upfront, straightforward and simple.

“Satisfaction Guaranteed” and “Money Back Guarantee” are effective.

But consider using confident language throughout your website.

For example, use trust-inducing words in your copy like “warranted,” “guaranteed,” “endorsed,” “authentic,” “validated,” “verified,” “risk-free,” “certified,” “registered” and “accurate.”

Here’s a simple template anyone can use to construct a strong product guarantee.

If there are “restrictions” on the guarantee, those should be spelled out in a link or an asterisk at the bottom of the page.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure you live up to any guarantees you make or word will travel quickly.

Use Testimonials & Customer Reviews

Another effective way to make visitors feel more comfortable and increase website conversions is through testimonials and positive reviews of those who are currently using your product or services.

These reviews can be made even more powerful if they include an image of the person providing the testimonial.

Use testimonials that show how your product solved a problem, made life easier or more comfortable.

They can demonstrate how you back up your product and have superior customer service.

Always be on the lookout for positive reviews to add and solicit comments from repeat customers.

For further help, check out these 12 testimonial page examples you’ll want to copy.

Include Videos

Short informational videos can show how easy a product is to use or how it makes life better.

They can help move prospects from indecision to conversion by helping them see the product in action.

Even short animated GIFs on your homepage or landing pages can be quite powerful.

Videos can also put a humanizing “face” on your organization and help develop its brand and personality.

Make sure videos are consistent with the messages included on the page where they are linked.

For inspiration, see these 17 examples of fabulous explainer videos.

Minimize Roadblocks

As previously mentioned, humans are an interesting lot.

This can include website designers who inexplicably place roadblocks on websites to discourage conversions.

We can only suppose these are unintentional, but that does not minimize their negative effects.

Websites may be difficult to navigate, language may be unnecessarily complex, and fonts challenging to read.

Some sites are discouraging and hard to order from because they simply offer too many product choices or options.

Some websites make prospects register before being able to make a purchase.

You might as well be saying “You don’t want to buy something, do you?” Registration should be an option, not a requirement to purchase.

Make sure at the very minimum, you offer some form of an express checkout option.

So review your website to make sure you don’t have roadblocks inhibiting your conversion rate.

And when you perform your review, check for the following:

  • An easy to understand navigation
  • Good color scheme
  • Clean and visually appealing interface
  • Choosing a design that is appropriate to the topic or theme
  • Keeping design elements and content organized
  • Clear calls to action (CTAs)
  • Responsive to all devices and browsers
  • Page load time of under 2 seconds

Furthermore, make sure you can answer your visitors’ questions.

The list of questions will vary depending on your industry…

But here are a few common questions your visitors have:

  • How do I get in touch with a real person at your company?
  • What’s the price of your products and services?
  • How do you handle refunds and exchanges?
  • Why should I do what you’re asking me to do right now?
  • What’s your privacy policy?
  • What’s your shipping policy?
  • Where are you located?
  • What makes you different and why should I choose your product?

Your website visitors have lots of questions they want you to answer.

These questions change as they move from visitor to subscriber to prospect to customer.

Offer Check-Out Incentives

An easy way to increase conversions is to provide a carrot to visitors in the form of an incentive that can only be claimed by completing their checkout.

The incentives may come in many forms.

Here’s a list of some of the most compelling check-out incentives:

  • Free and expedited shipping
  • Discount on next purchase
  • Free gift with purchase
  • Bulk discounts
  • Donation to a cause
  • Targeted suggestions
  • Loyalty programs
  • Free returns
  • Chat support

Like other aspects of your web presence, you can test these checkout incentives to see which works best to increase website conversions for your business.


Use Landbook for Creating Landing Pages

increase website conversions

Creating effective landing pages can be time-consuming and include a lot of trials and testing.

Landbook makes it much easier through a series of the internet’s best designs.

Landbook provides a selection of easy to use elements including copy, layout, images and design elements that have worked for others to increase website conversions.

increase website conversions

Choose the elements that appeal to you in creating your own “customized” page from the Landbook database.

Stay Connected and Engaged through Intercom

increase website conversions

A critical component in increasing conversions is maintaining engagement with prospects through the buying process.

A few of the best ways to accomplish this is through user chat, in-app messaging, and active email marketing campaigns.

increase website conversions

Prospective customers love tools like Intercom because they:

  • Get answers to questions in real-time
  • Can quickly onboard themselves through automated messages
  • Get the most relevant information throughout their customer journey

When executed correctly, Intercom is guaranteed to increase website conversions and decrease the number of visitors who would have otherwise gotten away.

Add UTM parameters to the links you share with Rebrandly

increase website conversions

With so many marketing tools and analytics platforms, you can sometimes feel helpless to understand what’s actually going to help you connect A to B to C, or connect a Tweet, to a sign-up, to a sale.

Adding UTM parameters to the links you share will help solve this problem.

And UTMs are imperative to tracking, attributing, and accounting for your marketing efforts.

Here’s what Rebrandly’s UTM Builder looks like in action…

increase website conversions

Once appended to a URL, this little snippet of code (the UTM parameter) is going to help you sort out your stats in Google Analytics under your Source/Medium filter.

increase website conversions

And/or under your Campaigns tab, you can look at the channels and campaigns that are the most successful, and reallocate your time and marketing budget appropriately.

increase website conversions

Rebrandly also has a pretty cool link retargeting feature which allows you to retarget people who have never even visited your site, but have clicked on the links you’ve shared across the Web.

Make Sure There are No Glitches with Usability Hub

increase website conversions

When it comes to glitches on your website, what you don’t know can hurt you, or at least your conversion rate.

After all, if people can’t get to your “Buy Now” page they of course won’t buy. Ever.

Usability Hub has a host of tools that can help in the design and functionality of your site.

For digital marketers, in particular, you can fine-tune landing pages, messaging, and creative, helping you optimize conversion rates on marketing campaigns and product launches.

Key features of UsabilityHub include:

First click tests

With first click tests you can assess the effectiveness of the links and content hierarchy, by measuring how people complete tasks using your designs.

increase website conversions

Design surveys

Design surveys in order to put an end to internal debates by asking your users questions, validating assumptions and avoiding missteps.

increase website conversions

Preference tests

Perfrom preference tests to fine-tune visual assets, marketing copy, branding and more, by measuring user sentiment and affinity.

increase website conversions

Five-second tests

With five-second tests you can optimize messaging on landing pages and reduce bounce rates by measuring people’s first impressions of your designs.

increase website conversions

Just as important, Usability Hub has a Usability Test that will test your navigation buttons and the usability of your site.

Usability Hub will help to find the glitches that are holding down your conversion rate.

Create Customer Journey Maps with CXMap provides drag and drop customer journey maps with built-in analytics and attribution.

It’s an extremely robust, yet easy to use online software.

Built for digital marketers, growth marketers and marketing analyst professionals, CXMap provides previously unattainable levels of customer journey data and experiment capabilities.

increase website conversions

With CXMap, users can get behavior insights and can run growth experiments to increase website conversions.

CXMap not only maps and tracks customer journeys, but it also tracks conversion rates through each step of the customer journey.

Therefore, you can instantly identify roadblocks, bottlenecks, and drop-offs.

CXMap users polish and fine-tune the customer experience using the results of growth experiments.

This, in turn, produces more qualified leads, faster conversion periods and improved customer retention rates.

Users can find what channels are bringing the most qualified leads and what prevents them from buying.

It provides the ability to make the changes and advancements necessary to advance growth.

Customer journey map templates are available for a wide array of businesses and you can create your own absolutely free, with no credit card needed.

Increase Website Conversions Through Data

While there are certainly new tips and tools available to increase website conversions, many sound practices have been used for years.

CXMap gives those conducting business online an interesting combination of emerging technology and proven tactics to maximize returns.

Businesses have more at stake than ever in providing a smooth customer journey.

It makes simple sense to use all of the data available to funnel more qualified visitors in order to increase website conversions and gain more paying customers.

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