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Our Humble Story

We launched the product back in 2015 as an in-house solution for our own needs. We simply could not understand out clients and realized that there have to be some sorts of correlation between their behavior, LTV, revenue and customers experience. It seemed bizarre and we struggled to find the right solution that would track conversion rates’ dynamic in real time and across different channels and….


The idea hit us like a meteor and we started working on the next Google Analytics that would allow to see bigger picture, understand what customers experience during their interactions with the company and even more – conduct experiments to work with drop-offs and user experience. We saw great opportunity and much value in the product ourselves and were getting ready to show it to the world.

Our Great Team

The first step was to assemble a team of superheroes that would make sure that the product fits our customers and makes them happy. The team was a combination of those who already worked on the first project and newcomers, who brought a new stream of ideas to the company. We ran numerous a/b tests, experiments and tested hypotheses to create a product that would satisfy the customers and us.

Our goal was to create a product that would help people around the globe achieve growth of their business and make their life a little happier. Your success is our goal.

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